Music Parents Executive:

Chair - John Burton

Vice Chair - Gary Lynch

Secretary - 

Treasurer - Michael McLean

Communications - Amy Dika




A Letter to the Parents from John Burton:

September 7th 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Welcome to the 2017-2018 year!  I am with you again as the President of the Music Parents Association and am very grateful for the opportunity to be involved with NKEC’s music programs.  Last year was fantastic and saw amazing growth in programs as well as student learning and participation.  I am joined by amazing parent volunteers, some veterans and some newbies, who serve on the MPA Executive and who are doing wonderful things for the Association.

Our goal is to provide experiences for your children that they will remember the rest of their lives.  It is our hope that all the students in the programs find a passion for music that will enhance their school experience.  We know that the music programs at NKEC will grow and succeed only from the tireless work and dedication of the Music Director, the students and the parent volunteers.


This is not something that just I or just the MPA Executive can do.  We need all our music and band families to get involved and support the organization – we need your time, your talents, your enthusiasm, and your ideas.  Our programs are successful because of the many volunteer hours that go into them, and we are always interested in what else we can be doing to support our students.

Like any support organization, our success is entirely dependent on the participation and contributions of our members.  Thankfully, the NKEC community has rallied around our music programs and our Band Parents organization has seen heroic support from a core group of long time members as well as from new band parents just joining the fray as their kids get involved in school music programs. To all we say Thank you!

This year we are planning an action-packed trip for the senior band students during the March break.  As with any school trip, costs are associated with planning and carrying out such an event.  Yes, it takes time and effort but I know it is worth it.  Just ask any of the students who have had the privilege of being part of a band trip.  It is something they will remember for ever.  As an executive, we have made it our mission not to leave any student behind.  That is, through fundraising, donations, and contributions, we want every band member to be on that trip!  Please help us make it happen.

Please remember that the band and other music programs are extra-curricular and fully volunteer; this includes the Music Director, Choral and Drama Director, the students, and the parent volunteers.  There would be no band, choirs or drama without the dedication of the participants and leaders who volunteer to make these programs happen.

Everyone is familiar with the phrase “many hands make light work”.  It is our goal to live by that maxim, encouraging every band parent to join us and participate in this process in any way you can so you won’t have to do too much, but your efforts combined with the efforts of many others will bring us all success!


We look forward to another fun and fulfilling year of music at NKEC.  Together we can help create success and fulfill our student’s potential.  Let's make it happen!

Yours truly,

NKEC Music Parent Association

John Burton