NKEC Music Parents Association (MPA) Draft Minutes from May 23, 2017

CALL TO ORDER: 6:40 pmby Vice-President, Gary Lynch.    


ATTENDANCE: Maggie Helms, Karl Dika, Sarah Dika, Pansy Rand, Gary Lynch, Angela Myers.

Regrets from John Burton, Amy Dika, Mike MacLean, Karen Hamilton-McNutt.


MINUTES:  Minutes from the April 24th meeting were circulated in advance.  Maggie made a motion to accept the minutes. Karl Dika seconded.    The minutes were approved.



The cost of the Junior Band travelling to/from the Music Festival by Stock Transportation was handled by the ‘extra-curricular activities fund’ set aside from the forced non Work-To-Rule Monday.  There was no charge to the MPA



Mike prepared the financial statement.  The cash journal balance on May 22 was $11,707.18  A deposit from the bake sale is yet to be deposited.  There are two cheques to be written.  The treasurer’s report was approved.  

Note to Mike: the MPA needs to pay Barb Martin (NKEC custodian/kitchen staff) $75.00 for her time when the British Columbia band visited.  5 hours @ $15.00



Mr. Fox will be handling the collection of any band registration fees which were not paid earlier in the year.


Visiting Band from Campbell River:  The NKEC band billeted 33 students and 5 adults. Everyone seemed to get along well.  The ‘ice-breakers’ were a good idea.   It was great we were able to billet and provide a good meal as well as a concert.


On Monday, May 29th, a Spring Concert will be held beginning at 7:00   All band students will be asked to provide sweets, juice and water for the canteen at the spring concert.  Grade 8 and grade 12 students will be honored as will the Tech Crew.   The NKEC music scholarship recipient(s) will be announced.   After the concert, grade 12 students will be returning their instruments (except the Acadia Youth Band students).


On June 14 and June 16, the Junior Band, grades 7 & 8, will travel to Glooscap Elementary School and Aldershot Elementary School to play for students.  Hopefully this will encourage students to sign up for band at NKEC.  


On Tuesday, June 13th at 7pm, there is a music concert at Kings County Academy (KCA), a NKEC feeder school.  KCA asked if we would like a table set up so we could register students for next year.  We appreciated the offer.  Sarah Dika and friends will hopefully be available that evening.


The Senior Concert Band and others (minus the grade 12s) will be playing for the Graduation Ceremonies on Wednesday, June 28.  Band students should arrive to the band room at 6:30pm.  The band students will play O Canada and the Processional and exit out the back door.  The band students return to the band room to watch a movie, play quiet games, or go outside.  When the graduate list reaches “W”, the band students will return to the gym, listen to the valedictory speech, play God Save the Queen and the recessional.

There will be a Grad March Practice (with the band) on  Tuesday, June 27 at 12:00



A. Fundraising Events:

Karl, fundraising chair, was discouraged with fundraising this year.  It was difficult to engage students and parents.  Why?  Was it the result of Work To Rule, not a trip year, or ….. ?


Fall Craft Fair:  The 2017 NKEC Craft Fair will not be at NSCC, Kingstec as originally planned on Nov 25th.  Maggie contacted Jeff Skaling of the Canning Fire Department to see if they could prepare a chicken barbeque on the same day as our craft fair.  (We feel we need to bring people into the Canning area.)  


Value Village Fundraiser:  Amy Dika made contact Value Village.  However, no student or parent stepped forward to organize the fundraiser.


B. Communications:  

Amy Dika is our Communications Liaison but is presently away ‘on course’.   Maggie agreed to send out any correspondence that is required.


There is a white board in Maggie’s music room over the door with dates that students should remember.   

There is a NKEC Band Website http://nkecmusic.ca    with 3 active tabs: HOME, MUSIC, PARENTS    

There is a Facebook Page called NKEC Music Parents   and   one called NKEC Senior Concert Band.   Facebook has been blocked in the school.   Band info may be on the daily announcements.  It is also in the NKEC monthly newsletter.    Maggie’s email is:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.         Students can also sign up and use REMIND


C. Student Executive:     Sarah would still like for the band to have a ‘year-end celebration’.  She will ask band students what their thoughts are and will have a response by Monday night.


D. Nominating:

John Burton noted at the April 3rd meeting that he will be vacating his position as “President of the MPA” for the upcoming year.   Follow up with John is required.   

Pansy Rand indicated that she will be vacating the position of secretary.  

Karl Dika suggested that the Communication Co-ordinator (Amy) should also be the Fundraising Chair.     The MPA By-Laws might need to be amended if positions were combined – perhaps we should re-assess the position next fall, not now.



Scholarship Committee:

Students were encouraged to apply for this opportunity.   $400 was set aside for summer music camps (music, chorale, and band) for students in grade 7 through 11.   It is at the discretion of the Music Parent Association (MPA) how this money will be allotted (1 x $400, 2 X $200, etc.)    Three scholarship application forms were handed out - two were handed back in, but one was withdrawn.   There was one eligible applicant.  Maggie will announce the scholarship recipient of $400 at the Spring Concert on May 29th.



2018 Music Trip:  The MPA chose Campbell River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia as its music trip destination for March Break 2018.    Costs per student will probably run $1200 based on 35 people.  With greater fundraising as a group, the costs per student should come down.  (It cost the B.C. band students $1300 to come to Nova Scotia).

Maggie discussed the trip adventure with Phil Cassidy.   The Campbell River school has a two week March Break.  As long as we go on our March Break, Phil and the band will be there.  The B.C. band is willing to billet us.   When B.C. students came to N.S., there was a minimum of two students billeted per family.   Security checks on billeted families were not required.    Maggie and Phil discussed non-traditional accommodations.

The U.S. dollar is presently 72 cents on the dollar (May 23, 2017) and the atmosphere in the U.S. is not altogether pleasant.  Passports can cost $100+.  If band students stayed in Canada, that would reduce costs.  The band visited Montreal in 2016.  

It would be necessary to have permission slips signed and a deposit paid early in the fall to determine interest in a trip.  The band would leave on a Friday and return on a Thursday (six nights).

Maggie is looking at two excursions while in B.C. and two or three performances.


EXECUTIVE MEETING DATE:   Wednesday, August 30 at 7pm at Maggie’s.


NEXT MEETING DATE:  the fourth Monday of September    Sept. 24th at 6:30pm


ADJOURNMENT:  Karl Dika adjourned the meeting at 8:03pm


Respectfully submitted,

Pansy Rand, Secretary NKEC MPA

May 24, 2017




Monday, May 29th– Spring Concert.   It will honour the Grade 8 and Grade 12 students and the Tech Crew who set up chairs, sound, light and stage at every school event.  They also put down and roll up the floor covering at many events.  Announcement of the music scholarship recipient(s)


Sunday, June 4thAcadia Youth Band Performance (if interested) at  ATF, Wolfville   7:45pm


NKEC’s Musical, Beauty and the Beast at the Acadia Festival Theatre, Wolfville.   - Tickets available at the NKEC office, students, Julie Skaling and at the door.

Friday, June 9th at 7pm

Saturday, June 10th at 2pm and 7pm

Sunday, June 11th at 2pm


Tuesday, June 27 at 12:00 - Grad March Practice (with the band)


Wednesday, June 28th at 7:00 pm - Graduation Night    Band be there at 6:30


Summer Break


Wednesday, August 30 at 7:00pm at Maggie’s -   MPAExecutive meeting


Monday,  Sept. 24th at 6:30pm(the fourth Monday of September) –   MPA monthly meeting

Normal Band Rehearsal times:  

Mondays 3:30-5:00 – Sr. Concert Band

Wednesday & Friday 8:00-8:45 am – Sr. Jazz Band

Thursdays 8:00-8:45 am – Sr. Concert Band

Junior Concert Band rehearsals take place during the regular school day as a curricular class.